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    25 May 2016

    Paykarnahad construction company was established on August 1996 with the purpose of participation in the development of the country and trying to raise the quality level in the implementation of governmental and private projects and was able to establish it's ability in the construction field  by conducting major national projects and a number of projects at the international level ever since.

    Over the years and relying on field experiences of experts and utilizing of scientific management, this team has become a leading construction company in the field of civil engineering.

    Currently Paykarnahad Co. is holder of grade 1 qualification certificate in construction and building, first degree qualification certificate in installation and equipment and 3rd degree qualification certificate in water branch from country's management and planning organization.

    Identification of capable consultants and contractors in different fields of business and raising the level of participation with them in different project, equipping and modernization of machinery fleet in order of developing the equipped power and technical support of the company, reinforcement of engineering unit to empower the ability of effective presence in new areas of work and trying to learn and using latest technical and technological findings in running projects was among valuable strategies of this company.  

    Goals and prospects
    . enhancement of technical knowledge and quality level of execution
    . enhancement of equipment power and gaining more experience in activity fields in order of  exporting of technical and engineering services
    . becoming a major company in development of construction field.

    Message of Managing Director

    Hamid M Jamali

    C E O

    We are proud to share with you our history and aspirations. Paykarnahad Construction Co. is one of the few officially rated companies in the Iranian construction industry in terms of sustained growth, transformation and professional management in safety and quality. We started in 1996 as a construction company with a team of driven, committed and talented professionals. Many years of intensive and hard work has enabled Paykarnahad Construction Co. to be where it is now today, holding a diverse portfolio of projects for both governmental and private sectors and customer’s satisfaction.

    We gained the trust of our clients through our long track record and our expertise in building and civil engineering projects. Strategic planning, attention to detail, stringent and careful rules on safety, employee satisfaction and the aspiration to grow into a preferred choice for multidimensional projects is what has made Paykarnahad Construction Co. grow steadily over the years.

    We are confident of our vision, strategy, and prospects moving forward. We at Paykarnahad Construction Co. stand for unprecedented growth and extraordinary commitment to making a better tomorrow. In coming years, we plan to explore and expand our ability. We look forward to closer partnering with international construction companies, to meet the challenges of the future not only in Iran but also abroad through ever increasing efforts to promote our potential.

    Yours sincerely,
    Hamid M. Jamali
    Managing Director

    • Ground Floor, No. 123, Alley 6/1, kaj North Street, Golha Sq, Fatemi Sq
    • 98 -21 -8898 -3414
    • 98 -21 -8896 -5262
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